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Functional Work

Because of my focus on form as primary in my work with clay I consider my functional pieces as sculptural too. I draw upon the rich traditions of China, Japan, the pre-Columbian world of the Americas.

The studio world encourages exploration, in all aspects of a potter's work. The form can be a classic form, or it can be altered. Surface can be calm and smooth, or it can be tooled in a variety of ways. A vase can have lugs affixed to its shoulder. The rim of a bowl can have bears walking around it. A cup can have a bear for a handle. Throughout the process I am thinking “How will this be used?” There are other questions. Do I wish to add an element of whimsy? Or is this a serious piece?

Over many years I have developed a vocabulary of glazes which is very personal. These, which I mix myself, include celadon, ash, shino, oribe. Mostly I fire in my own gas or electric kilns. But I also enjoy the opportunity to fire in alternative ways: pit, raku and recently, especially, wood. Each firing process will give a very specific and different result.

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