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The Leg Series


The Leg Series was a natural evolutionary step from the figures, which I had been making for many years.  They were an attempt to elevate the legs as symbolic of man standing erect and taking steps in a bi-pedal way.  They were inspired by my study of man through the Leakey Foundation from an artist standpoint and by the large sculptures of Steven Destabler.


The early leg pieces were constructed with a base, a small plaque, the legs rising up, sometimes attached at the top with a pelvis.  They were followed by a leg series on pedestals.  The most recent ones had a not only a pedestal, but a backdrop, which added a theatrical and whimsical element, highlighting the legs.



The challenge of these pieces is that they are spontaneous built from little bits of clay added to create the rising form.  They are prone to collapse.  They are extremely fragile and in the firing process, they can tip over.  They require extremely careful handling throughout the process. 

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